The marathon with seven technical obstacles was difficult.
Franciska den Elzen won the Para Equestrian marathon. As did Claudio Fumagalli in the VIP class.
Martin Hölle won the marathon with the pairs and is still in the lead. Sandro Koalick (Germany) became second and is now in second place overall. Stan van Eijk was the best Dutch pair driver. He was third in the marathon. Tom Engbers was fifth in the marathon and is in fourth position after dressage and marathon.
IJsbrand Chardon was the speaker during the marathon and involved the audience with enthusiasm. Last starter Boyd Exell won the marathon. Peter de Ronde was second in the marathon. Mark Weusthof drove a very good marathon en is now in fourth position.
On Sunday the four in hand will start at 15.00 in the cones.

Photo made by Amy Mundell