The cones competition of the four-in-hands was very exciting. The ranking after the last part of the competition changed a lot. In advance Chester Weber and Koos de Ronde were the favorites for the victory. But in the end the Frenchman Benjamin Aillaud took the first prize and the Marseillaise sounded in the price giving ceremony.

The Belgian driver Dries Degrieck had no problems with the time allowed and easily drove a clear round. He was not only the winner of the cones competition, but also became second in the overall ranking.
Benjamin Aillaud drove his Arabo Friesians without errors through the course, and had only 0.84 penalty points for exceeding the time.

Koos de Ronde was less fortunate, he had two knockdowns and got time penalties in total 10.98 penalty points were added. Last participant and until then classification leader Chester Weber also knocked down two balls and had time penalties. He fell down to the third place.
Koos de Ronde was fourth in the overall ranking, but prolongued his national title. The NC podium was ultimately the same as last year, with gold for Koos de Ronde, silver for Mark Weusthof and bronze for Peter de Ronde.