A beautiful marathon day in Beekbergen today. Lovely weather, exciting driving sport  and a lot of entertainment in the promo village. Many spectators came to Beekbergen and experienced a great day. 

‘ Today was amazing!’ says organizer Mieke van Tergouw. ‘No accidents, beautiful sport and lots of spectators. We’ve had fair play and my compliments to our course designer Gabor Fintha. And on top of that the drivers trained by Riant are in the lead in the competition.’


Stan van Eijk showed that the marathon is still his specialty. ‘Our plan was to take no risks and drive smooth. After obstacle 2 the horses felt good, but we didn’t drive to the max.’ says Stan. He won the marathon, but the difference with Anthonie ter Harmsel who finished second, was minimal. Martin Hölle also drove an excellent marathon, finished fifth and is still in the overall lead. The young horses of Claudio Fumagalli performed excellent. He is still in second position. ‘Our drivers have done just fine, ‘ says Mieke van Tergouw. ‘I am very happy with it, because it is not easy to drive a competition on your home grounds. Contrary to what everyone always thinks, it is certainly no advantage. ‘


The marathon of the teams was super exciting. Koos de Ronde, Mark Weusthof, Christoph Sandmann, Glenn Geerts and Chester Weber were chasing each other. Mark Weusthof got stuck in obstacle 7 and lost many precious seconds. Koos de Ronde drove a flawless marathon and won. He is in the lead in the Dutch championship. Christoph Sandmann became second in the marathon. Chester Webers marathons are stil improving. He was fourth in todays marathon, and is overall in the lead. Tomorrow is the final day, with the cones. Undoubtedly the tension will grow during this last part of the competion. And it is also Ladies day with a very special price for the lady with the nicest hat. There will also be a show programm with Adelinde Cornelissen and much more.

To all results and the startinglist for tomorrow.

CAI Beekbergen 2018 foto: Stan van Eijk

CAI Beekbergen 2018 foto: Martin Holle